Three Must-Have Tractor Attachments for Large Property Owners

May 18, 2021

You just purchased that plot of land in the country you’ve been dreaming about. Now comes the day you can make the trip to your local dealer to buy your first tractor. Depending on the size of your property, a compact tractor like the Kubota L Series will do just about any job you can think of.  However, attachments help a tractor do certain jobs better.  

One of the questions our dealers hear from first-time tractor buyers is what attachments are essential for large property owners? Kubota and Land Pride produce a number of durable, high-quality attachments performance matched to various Kubota tractor models. While there are numerous attachments to choose from, we’ve compiled a short list of attachments everyone, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a tractor pro, should consider for their property. 

Front End Loader

If you are maintaining your property or landscaping, one of the best attachments for your tractor is a front end loader. These are essential for material handling and property maintenance. Most Kubota tractors come standard with front end loaders, so chances are you’ll already have this one checked off the list.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters clear grass, weeds, and varying sizes of brush, much like a lawn mower attached to your tractor. Most operators use rotary cutters to manage rural acreage, open spaces, prepare fields for row crops and general property maintenance. 

Land Pride Box Blade

A box blade is a useful tool that can handle a number of tasks thanks to its adjustable blade. Box blades can rip and cut roots, create and clean out a ditch, or spread material such as gravel along a road.

BONUS: Quality Tires

While tires aren’t considered an attachment, tires play an important role in your tractor’s performance. Choosing the right tires depends on what you’ll primarily be using the tractor for as well as the type of surface you’re working on. If you’re working on established lawns and need minimum turf damage, then you’ll want turf tires. If you’re using your tractor on unpaved or undeveloped sections of land, then ag or industrial tires are a great fit. 

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